Q: Is there any insurance included in the price of our services?


No, there isn’t any insurance included in the price but when you purchase lift pass, it includes an insurance coverage for transportation of people on ropeways and transport belts as well as Accident coverage valid for the ski centers in Borovets (which include the marked ski runs and trails, ski ways and connections between them) which covers the costs for searching in the event of accident on the ski slopes, the provision of first medical aid on the slope or in the rescue center of the Mountain Rescue Service and the transportation of the insured individual by special rescue means to the nearest medical center within the ski centers. Insurance coverage is not valid in the freestyle (terrain) parks – Borosport Snowpark and PromoPark Borosport and for freeride.




We do advise however our customers to come prepared with extensive winter sports insurance, which will also cover any further expenses if your injury needs medical treatment. For this purpose, we recommend World Nomads.

Q: Is the lift pass included in the price?


No, the lift pass is not included in the price. However it is very easy to buy it from every lift station in the resort or online. There is at least one counter at each lift station. They accept payments both in cash and by card.

Q: What do I need in the mountain?


Remember To Bring:

  • Eye Protection – sunglasses or goggles
  • Good Gloves
  • Good Socks – a well-fitted pair of wool or synthetic wool socks, not too thick. Cotton socks aren’t recommended.
  • Waterproof jackets and pants will keep you warmer and more comfortable
  • Water – it’s important to stay hydrated at dry altitude
  • A Snack – something small that will fit in a pocket to keep up energy
  • Credit Card or cash for payment and for buying
  • Sunblock – the suns rays and its reflection off the snow are powerful at this altitude

Q: Will our children be together in the same group?


If you buy our family package the whole family will be together. Otherwise the children will be in groups according to their ability and age. If your children want to ski together the will be put into a group which suits the weakest child.

Q: How young can children ski from?


Children can ski from the age of six in groups along with everybody else according to their ability. For kids between 3 to 6 years old we can only do individual lessons.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?


You can cancel your reservation up to 7 days before the start date of the reservation and you will get full refund. Otherwise you will be charged the full price.

Q: Do you offer private tuition?


You can book private ski or snowboard tuition in Borovets with us online. Private tuition gives you a great opportunity to learn the basics or improve your abilities under the guidance of your personal English speaking ski/snowboard instructor.

Q: Do you store my personal details?


San Ski do store your email address and postal address for order processing and invoicing purposes. We don’t store your card details once you pay . You will receive payment confirmation and copy of the receipt.

Q: What do we do with our skis each night?


When you hire equipment from us, the storage is free and you can take it back to the depot each day after you have finished you skiing and it will be looked after for you till the morning when you come back, your set of equipment will be the same that you use for the duration of your holiday, as it will be tagged with your name. If you wish to take it back to your hotel it’s okay, just let us know.

Q: How do ski /snowboard classes run and at what time do they start?


The day before the start of the training is determined at what time each group will start and depending on their level, the lesson is held on a track that meets their capabilities. Lessons start from 08:30 to 14:30, and the meeting place is our ski school. For family and individual lessons, depending on the slot you have reserved, the meeting place is again the SANSKI ski school.

Q: What happens if you damage or lose the hire equipment?


We lend our equipment out to you in good faith and expect you to look after it. If by any chance you damage or lose it we will expect you to reimburse us to the value of the lose or damage.

Q: What do I do if I have a complaint about my hire equipment or ski instructor?


All complaints should be reported in our office, by call or email so we can fix the issue and we will provide better service next time.

Q: Can I pay with card in your office?


Yes, you can pay by card (Visa or Mastercard) or cash.

Q: How can I hire equipment from you?


You can book it online and take it from our office or come directly at our location and hire it from there.

Q: Where are we based?


Our both offices are located in the main area next to the slopes. You can find the exact location on our website.

Q:Why should I pre-book services before arrival?


By providing us with your information upon making the online reservation, you make sure we prepare your ski services well in advance. The biggest advantage is that you guarantee availability for both lessons and equipment, and you will also get the best price when booking online.

Q: Do you rent out ski clothes?


Yes we do! You don’t need to book it in advance and you can get it when you come in our office. We are offering ski jackets and pants. Also, a variety of goggles and helmets are available.

Q: How can I determine my level?


It is important to mention whether this is the first time you go skiing. If this is your first time, then you are a complete beginner. If not, then our instructors will decide exactly what your level is and accordingly decide how the training will go.

Q: How much do we have to pay when completing the reservation and until when can we cancel it and make changes without losing our money?


When you complete your booking, you pay the full amount and have the right to make changes and cancel it up to 7 days before the start date you have chosen. After this period you will be charged the full price.

Q: What happens if you miss your lesson?


If we have to cancel your lesson, we will compensate you by rescheduling the lesson for another time or another day. If you miss your lesson because of your own mistake, then we are not responsible. You must make sure that you are at the right place and at the right time. If your lesson starts at 9:00, it means that you must be in our office at least 15-30 minutes earlier, because at 9:00 the lesson itself starts on the slopes.

Q: What are the working hours of SANSKI ski school?


SanSki ski school is open every day, including Christmas and New Year, from 8:30 to 22:30.

Q: Can I change the equipment from ski to snowboard and from snowboard to ski?


Yes, it can be changed at any time. An exception is the choice of equipment for individual and group training. When you say you want a ski lesson, for example and you want to change it to snowboard lesson you need to let us know at least one day before so we can find a snowboard instructor for your lesson.

Q: Where can I leave my young child / children who are not skiing?


You can leave it in one of the kindergartens in the big hotels. You must arrange this in advance and by yourself, because we do not offer such a service.

*Under what circumstances can SAN-SKI ski school cancel / refuse a lesson and is not responsible and what rules must our clients follow?

The instructor has the right to cancel the lesson.

  • Force majeure, illness or injury.

The instructor is not responsible for any faults, injuries and damages due to:

  • Actions, differing from given instruction;
  • Collisions or damages on and off the ski runs / slopes, caused by third party;
  • Any actions by representatives of the Mountain Rescue Service, Ski Patrol and First Aid;
  • Malfunction or emergency of the lift facilities;
  • The client’s incautious actions in the use of the lift facilities;
  • Unexpected dangers, objects, obstacles, which have to be marked and secured by the Resort;
  • By equipment failure or inappropriate choice of equipment.

Responsibility limits

  • The instructor organizes the skiing/snowboarding lesson according to the client’s age and physical condition.
  • The instructor specifies the difficulty of the routes / slopes and the training elements according to the declared skiing / snowboarding skills and ability for using the lift facilities.
  • The instructor has the right to define the client’s physical condition and skiing / snowboarding skills himself if they differ from the declared once.
  • The client has to obey the 10 FIS (International Ski Federation) Rules on the slope.
  • During the lesson the client has to follow the instructor’s instructions for the skiing / snowboarding technique, route / slope choice, and safety advises for descending and stopping on the ski run.
  • If the instructor decides that the client is not in acceptable physical or mental condition due to the use of alcohol, drugs or any medicines.