Borovets is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria with a history dating back to 1896.

It is located on the northern slopes of Rila Mountain at 1350 m above the sea level, 70 km from the capital of Sofia, 130 km from Plovdiv and 10 km from Samokov.

The climate in the resort is extremely pleasant.

Borovets is the largest ski center in Bulgaria in length and capacity of ski slopes and facilities. The resort’s ski area has 24 slopes with a total length of over 58 km, cross-country ski trails, biathlon facilities, night riding facilities and a children’s winter park.
There are a total of 12 ski lifts, modern and well maintained with excellent capacity.

The slopes are  grouped in three zones – Sitnyakovo – Martinovi Baraki, Markudjik and Yastrebets – are offering a varying difficulty, suitable for both beginners and advanced and experts.

There are also off-piste areas in the resort.

Most of the ski slopes are equipped with tools for snow production, which guarantees their perfect conditions.

The duration of the ski season is from December to April.